The gap between ideal and reality of grow in water toy

What is grow in water toy/expandable water toy?
- made of polymer that absorbs large amount of liquid. They'll expand after putting them into water for few days but will shrink if you'll put them in saltwater.
Kids are getting amused when their own "grow in water toy" expands but some are not happy with the result of their "grow in water toy" and I'll list the example below.

"We went to Tokyo tower aquarium yesterday and my daughter pleased me to buy a mermaid toy that will come out in 3days after putting it in water. She waited until she saw the mermaid. It's different compared to its package and she refused to go to school."

Where to buy online?
>Product in the picture<
>I think this is the original one<

You can beautify your grow in water toy like the one who sent a comment to his post. He waited until it dries and used marker to recolor.