4 types of popular Japanese ramen

Ramen is made of Chinese noodles with soup.
Chinese introduced ramen to Japan but nowadays, Chinese ramen and Japanese ramen have gradually different compared before.

Chinese ramen's soup are made of chicken bones but Japanese ramen's soup are different. Aside from chicken bones, sometimes the soup is made from pork bones, fish, beef bones, vegetables ,and more.

You want to try ramen but there are lot of types and don't know what to order? I'll introduce here the popular types of Japanese ramen and I hope you'll find the best ramen for you.

Shoyu ramen:

Shoyu ramen is simplest ramen in Japan. The soup is based on soy sauce based broth and it is usually topped with menma, chashu, and chopped spring onions. Aside from the said toppings, some shoyu ramen is topped with naruto(kamaboko) and nori(dried seaweed) depends on the ramen stores.

Shoyu ramen's soup is usually made from chicken bones and soy sauce but some ramen stores make their original soup by using pork bones, beef bones, soy sauce and some vegetables. If it's your first time to eat ramen, Shoyu ramen is good for you.

Shio ramen:

Shio means salt in Japanese. Shio ramen is simple ramen with salt based broth and usually topped with menma, spring onions, and some vegetables. 
It has refreshing taste compared to other ramen and some people adds sea food as a topping. If you want less oil, Shio ramen is good for you.

Miso ramen:

The Miso ramen's founder Morito Omiya decided to use ground meat as a topping instead of chashu and topped vegetables like spring onion, onion, bean sprout, and cabbage to balance the nutrition. Simple miso ramen is usually topped with chashu, boiled egg, corns, and butter.

The soup has creamy textures and a rich taste. It's completely different from the taste of miso soup. Miso ramen is popular among Japanese due to its uniqueness.

Tonkotsu ramen:

Tonkotsu ramen or known as Hakata ramen is originated in Fukuoka. The soup broth for tonkotsu ramen is based on pork bones and usually topped with chashu and spring onions. It takes a lot of hours to make Tonkotsu ramen's soup compared to other ramen yet the price is affordable. The appetizing color of the soup and its unique rich taste made them popular among tourists.