The man who spent 620,000yen in FGO to get Illya wins raffle to meet and work with Mai Kadowaki(Illya’s VA)

youtube: マジカルの日常

Fate Grand Order also known as FGO one of the popular mobage in Japan. There are lot of users spending a lot to get their favorite character/servant. Here's the lucky guy who spent huge amount of yen to get His favorite character Illyasviel von Einzbern(Illya) last year and wins through raffle to meet and work with Illya's VA Mai Kadowaki.

His previous tweet saying it cost 620,000yen to get 2nd grade 5 girl. There's his comment saying He saved his money to get Illya and learned that it's not easy to get what you want. A lot of people congratulated him for getting Illya and the other said that's the power of love.

After year passed, He joined Tsuina-chan's(VA Mai Kadowaki) birthday raffle event. The 3 winners will get invitation to visit her in studio while recording the Tsuina-chan's voice drama and be one of the characters.
It means you'll get a chance to meet, work, and talk to her as well.

The 3 winners were announced but one of them said He or She can't go due to his or her schedule so They announced additional winner and it was HIM. The guy who spent 620,000yen to get his favorite character/servant in FGO.

According to his tweet, It seems like He can't believe at first. He's really happy and thankful because he'll be meeting his favorite VA soon.