World's first digital art museum in Tokyo

Experience the magic of digital art officially known as the Mori building Digital art museum with the combination of art and science launched by Tokyo based digital art group teamLab Inc. 

It is located at Odaiba, Tokyo with the space of 10,000sqm with 520 computers and 420 projectors inside. The digital images reacts with visitor's movements and it moves naturally in large area. 
teamLab said "Artwork moves freely, form connections, and relationships with people. The arts communicate with other works"

They guessed it may attract more people from around the world especially in the year 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics.
Their museum encourage the people to get involved with arts and to be active.
They have Athletic forest where you can climb, jump, and move with digital arts.
If you want to get relax, have a cup of tea at their tea house. Your drink will come with their digital flower and it blooms when you drink your tea.

You can buy the ticket through their website.

Check their website for more pictures and videos.

Ticket price:
3200yen per person
1000yen if 14 years old and below.


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