Feed and touch the real Deer in Japan's Nara Park

Nara Park is one of the must-visit place especially if you love animals. You can hang-out with the deer while walking and relaxing inside the park. 
The place is located near Osaka and Kyoto which makes other tourists easy to access the place.

Nara Park is large and packed with the Japanese and foreign tourists. Spend your day by visiting ancient shrines, temples, Kagami pond, and by feeding the deer.
They are the symbols of the city and according to Japan's Shinto tradition, Nara's deer were sacred animals. 

Nara's deer are famous for bowing their heads towards visitors especially if you bow to them first.
You can buy the deer crackers for less than 150yen to feed them, and the deer will follow you around.

The one-way trip from Osaka and Kyoto only takes around 40~50 minutes.
From Osaka: Ride Yamatoji rapid train in JR Osaka station
From Kyoto: Ride Kintetsu Nara line