Pokemon Masters: battle and team up with trainers from previous generations

The Pokémon Company announced that Pokemon Masters is coming out this summer and revealed their gameplay scenes on trailer. The game takes place on “Pasio”, an artificial island where trainers from every region gathered to compete.

Every trainers are traveling with only 1 Pokemon and they’re called “Sync pairs”. Unlike the traditional turn-based battle, you will battle 3 vs 3 in real time.

In battle, There are “Trainer move” and  “Sync move”.
Trainer move is to support their pokemon and can increase stats or heal while Sync move is a special move which is quite similar to Z-move.

The game is more on building teams with other trainers and challenge the Pokemon Master League. You can team up with trainers of your choice including the trainers from previous generations.

Pokemon Masters will be available in Japanese, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Korean, and Traditional Chinese at launch.

Check out the trailer for more info: