Stigmatized property or "Jiko bukken" in Japan

What is Jiko bukken(Stigmatized property)? Jiko bukken also known as wakeari bukken and Shinriteki kashi bukken(Psychological harmful property). To make it short, the property where people died.

Some criteria to tell if the property is Jiko bukken:
- Accidentally died
- Natural death that body was not found for long time
- Murder occurred
- Near cemetery or the property itself was cemetery
- Suicide occurred
- formerly owned by criminal group or cults

Lot of Japanese tries to rent Jiko bukken because of the price. Most of the Jiko bukken are a lot cheaper compared to the actual price of rent but only few people stay for a long time because some of them said they feel something, feel someone is watching, see unnatural things, hear something unnatural, felt sick when they start to rent, and more.

Here's the example of Jiko bukken in Japan:

Searia Odaiba 26th flr (シーリアお台場3番街4番棟 26階2610室)

Japanese man chopped Filipina (year 2008)
- The man shared an apartment with the woman and her 2 cousins.
The woman and the Japanese man got into a fight when he failed to pay his share of the rent. He killed the woman and carved her body up in their apartment's bath and washed her in washing machine to hide the cause of her death.

2 of her cousins worried because she still not arrived in their workplace so they went back to their apartment and saw the man holding some body parts of her. They screamed and went outside of the apartment to call police. The Japanese man put her body parts inside suit case and runs.
The police said some of her body parts were found inside their apartment and the suit case were found inside train station's locker. He attempted to commit suicide by slitting his wrist but called an ambulance for help.

He is the same suspect in 1999 by killing Filipina. He was only sentenced 3years that time because only victim's tooth and hairs were found. It was hard for the Japanese police to decide it as murder due to lack of evidence.
Japanese man said he threw her body parts in each toilets inside the building.

Do you want to check Jiko bukken on your own?
Go to this link and the area with fire icons are all Jiko bukken in Japan.