Trendy summer haircuts in Japan for women


Summer is good season to cut your hair. It's a great chance to change your image and refresh yourself.
Get started to find new you and don't be afraid to try haircuts you haven't done.
You can also ask your Hairstylist what suits you most.
Here are the popular haircuts in Japan during summer season.

Short hair:
- Bob hair is still popular among women. You can style your hair with small amount of time. Short hair gives you a cool look but try to arrange your hair by using hair iron and curl it inward or outward once to look more feminine. / Salon:neutral

 / Salon:rue kyoto

 ami omotesando

Medium length:
- Most popular hair length among Japanese. Not too short and not too long. It will allows you to do different styles in medium length. One of the most popular cut is Airy and soft style to look light and refreshed. / salon:alice by afloat

 /salon:garden omotesando / salon: Saphir

Long hair: Long hair is still trendy even in hot summer days. It gives you a feminine look but it also makes you feel hot easily because of the weather. Wavy and straight are popular styles in Japan during summer. / salon: Belea

 / salon: gem galleria

 / salon: Gem garden